Saturday, August 22, 2009

adam's rib

ok guys im not really tryin to get biblical but I am gonna get lovey dovey. Wed night I was having a convo with him and we were talking about how women are sometimes portrayed as being deceitful (its coming guys gotta form the word n my head lol) and that turned into a convo about men being protectors of women (again its comin soon guys) and then this finally turned into a question I ask guys I date or talk to: Do you believe that God make a woman from a guys rib every time? If so do u think that this woman is that mans soul mate like Adam n eve? Ok so before I go on Im going to help those out that don't kno the story of Adam and eve. Again, I'm not tryin to force religion on ne1 I just think that this is a beautiful "love" story about soul mates:
For a little while, Adam was the only human being in existence. "The Lord God said, "It is not good for the man to be all alone." (Genesis 2:18) "So The Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, He took one of the man's ribs [also translated took part of the man's side] and closed up the place with flesh. Then The Lord God made a woman from the rib He had taken out of the man, and He brought her to the man. The man said, "This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called 'woman,' for she was taken out of man." For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh." (Genesis 2:21-24)

OK so I wanna say 1st that I grew up in church and have known this story since I was able to understand the bible and start reading it for myself. Me, myself I never looked at it as a religious story necessarily.....I always looked at it as God telling us that for every man there is a woman that he designed from one of his ribs........a soul mate

Its so beautiful to me that since the beginning of life itself a woman and man were destined to b there for each other together. Ok so this is how the converstaion played out and basically I guess my question is not about adam and eve but more if you believe in soul mates? Do you believe that in this world there is a perfect person meant and made just for you?So if your answer is yes why do you think that there are people in this world who never find their true love and die and live unhappy??

My prospective on this is that stuff happens to people where they die before they meet their soul mates. Or you find ppl that are stuck in their ways like I was...who were so heartbroken that they didnt want to look for love or who are not even open to love. They may miss the person that is their perfect fit.

So in the end i feel like this: In the beginning God created the world and Adam...He knew that Adam needed a companion that would be perfect for him so out of his flesh he created Eve and they were perfect for each other. The first love between human beings. They were soulmates. It is my belief that God creates a soulmate for everyone that is born. I believe in this world there will b someone who is your perfect fit in every way...........and that ladies and gentlemen is beautiful ♥

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

men vs. women n NUMBERS

howdie......i recently had a convo with him (my some1 special) and we were basically talking about how many ppl we had sex with. The funny thing about this convo was that he was scared to tell me how many people and I was nervous of his reaction. After that was all said and done we had a really deep convo about how guys numbers are expected to be high and women numbers are expected to be under 10.

ok so dnt go thinking my number is high bc its not and at the end of the blog I will reveal my number bc I really dnt care wat ppl think about me n wat they call me bc the person who opinion does matter accepts me for me.....ok so bakk to the matter at hand. Growing up as a child I always had a problem wit the things my family didnt allow me to do. Not bc i was a bad ass child but bc I was the oldest (for the most part) of my cousins and immediate siblings but nvr could do the things they were allowed to do. The reason my mom n gma always told me was "well Jakia their boys and your a girl how would you look if you did that?" And the little rebel bitch in me always wanted to scream "I would look like Jakia!" I hate how society raises women and men to think that a woman is suppose to be polite, quiet, and virginist. See this was a problem for me because 1 I am no quiet woman....if you know me you probably shaking your head and saying "that she is not." Ok so why do I have to be quiet and 2 I enjoy sex. Yup I said it I feel that a maybe a lil bit of a nympho but I have great self control lmao.

While women have to live up to this impossible sex free lifestyle think about it....wat is a man expected to be? loud, obnxious, overly sexually active, rude, and etc. Why is that?

Why does society think that we should be total polar opposites....what about the women such as myself who are loud by nature and can't help being that way? Societies destiny for us is to be outcasts...thats not right...

ok so now bakk to the whole numbers thing....wen me n him where talkin he said something that made alot of sense "a womens 5 is like a guys 25." That shit crazy...really crazy. ok so I have a quick scenarios

scenario1: A girl loses her virginity at the age of 16 has 10 bf frm 16-24. She has sex with each one of her bfs. Says she has a time in her life (say 19-21) where she doesnt have a bf but like most women still wants to have sex so in her "drought" she has 1 cuddy buddy and then later has another. This makes her # 12. SO my question is does that make her a ho?

scenario2: A guy loses his virginity at the age of 14. He has 2 real gf frm 14-24. When he is not in a relationship he has 1 cuddy buddy every 6 months which is about 16 altogether. When he was in college he had 4 1 night stand along with his cuddy buddies. SO that makes his # 22 does that make him a pimp?

By no means is this right......this is soo bias and wrong...point blank... i mean honestly it shouldnt b 5>25 just because the gender of the person is different. If you had like 10 partners n dated none of them ur a hoe male or female.

If you have had 10 partners n dated then 4 periods of time then to me ur not a hoe bc u were n real relationships wit these the moral of the story ladies n gentlemen is a number is jus that a number....its not the quanitity its the quality...n as for number is (drumroll) so call me a ho or a jump off or wateva but honestly I nvr really cared wat ppl called me eva lol...peace

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baby momma RULES

1st let me start off by saying.....
1. im not calling any body a baby momma specifically
2. I dnt like the word baby momma bc for sum women it degrades there mothering abilities
3. This is my opinion
ok so bakk to the matter at hand...wat are these "rules" (i kno thats wat ur saying lol) ok well as a mother of one I have cum across many people who have children whether they be male or female. It is my experience that males treat their "baby mommas" differently regardless if their together or apart. They treat them with a certian degree of respect and "they can't do nothing wrong" type of attitude. SO I kno sum of guys are thinking that im wrong but once I tell you a few of the rules I think that you will probably reconsider.


#1 Baby mommas are always the fall bakk person

-u dnt believe ok well think about it...wen u n ya girl go through problems or no longer together who is the 1st person that show up? call? text? aim? etc ya baby momma. Sometimes they real slick wit it and blame it on the child and then they ease they ass right bakk in2 ya life and guess wat you let them lol. And thats fine bc like the rule says she is ur fall bakk person. Wen u aint gettin none she will b there for u 2 give u wat u need...which brings me 2 the nxt rule

#2 Baby mommas are always there to satisfy you sexually.

-That is to say, yall have a kid together so obviously yall had who is the person u gon go to wen u n ur "drought" n the other shorties acting crazy...the baby momma will comply...she probably would b hype. n thats fine yall got history together...yall have a kid(s)together...

#3 No matter wat ur baby momma do to the girl your dating or the girl you wit your ALWAYS gon have an excuse for her

-ok so think about it wen ya baby momma n ur gf get n2 it who do you talk to? Its just like the movies why did I get married the nigga (spawn lol) nvr said nething to his baby momma he always said sumthing 2 his WIFE. which is really fukked up n my opinion. If your baby momma is crazy u need 2 control her bc if ya girl only gon take but so many bitchz n hos lol. Its crazy but most guys protect them.

Now I know many of you are probably like how u gon to call b baby

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

nice guys finish FIRST

ok so i kno this is not the quote that everyone is used to seeing. Yall like "girl you definitely got this wrong." well I wanna explain something to you, this is completely my world that is. I like nice guys. Yup, I do. Now when I say nice guys I don't mean the kind of guy that doesn't stand up for himself or one that lets people walk all over him.

I DO NOT WANT A GUY THAT IS NICE ALL THE TIME BECAUSE THOSE KIND OF GUYS ARE WEAK AND HAVE THE SPINE OF A JELLY FISH. Sorry I dont mean to be rude I just want to put my feeling out there. In my book a guy that is sweet and caring is a nice guy. This is not to say that a nice guy can't be "hood" or popular or wat eva. I know alot of nice guys that are
popular with their friends, play sports, and even play girls, but the difference between the nice guy im describing is the way that he treats his girl, woman, gf, etc.

He treats his other half with he respect she deserves and demands. He believes in chivalry.

He treats his lady as such. He is in love with her and adores her. He only wants her mentally and physically. He puts it on her and is selfish with her.

This is why he does not cheat on her or degrade her. He is a nice guy lol. He is a gentlemen. He wants to grow old with her and build a family with her. He loves her.

Now not to say that he lets her get away with murder or becomes a punk but I guess what I'm saying is that a normal guy that you know has this potential in him. I know plenty of guys who are normal, regular guys who are competitive, like sports, play sports, in fraternities, have the reputation of being a "ladies man" whjo totally change when they have gf. Its not like the girl changes them but in a way I guess they do. Their still the same person but they catch the "nice guy" disease called luv. This is such a beautiful thing that all anyone can do is respect it.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Smuts on a rise...........imma have 2 kill a bitch

okey dokey kiddies...sorry i had 2 b absent 4 a few days but I am a mom lol. but neway bakk 2 the subject at hand....smuts. Ok so for those who know me I use the word smut very, very often because that is a word that best describes who im trying to describe, if that makes any sense. Ok so let me first tell you what a smut is......a smut in MY defination is a ho, slut, jump off, etc.

But to better clarify I basically call girls who go after other ppl men...or girls who have a certian mentality smuts. yall know im going 2 give examples right lol.

EXAMPLE 1: say your in a relationship with a guy who has several female friends...but he is faithful and doesnt even look thier way. But they are always texting him and calling him or just tryin 2b around him. 9 times out of 10 those girls are smuts. Their tryin to take your man away from ok I kno your probably saying "maybe their good friends" ok you think that if you want but I just use my self. I have plenty of males friends and I text them now and then and see them when I get a chance but if they have a girl I take it upon myself to meet her and let her kno that im a friend. And then I make sure that I do not disrespect her by calling or texting late night or around the clock. Thats not my man so therefore I do not need to be up on him all the time........a smut will definately try to get you out the pic so she can fukk him...because thats what she is...a smut.

EXAMPLE 2:If you meet a girl and she is very careful about wat she says about her past....9 times out of 10 she's a smut. She doesnt want anyone to know where she goes or where she has been. Most ppl are pretty open about their past because the past is what makes you the person you are today. In a smuts case its the same thing but the difference is a smuts past is what made her a

EXAMPLE 3: ok so this the last one....a smut uses her body to get wat eva she wants....n usually wat she wants has something to do wit her body. get it? ok so most smuts use their body for attention and to get things frm ppl. Most (not all) strippers are smuts.......prostitutse are defiantely smuts....most video girls are smuts. They use their body to try to get ahead instead of using their brains like most girls do....smdh.

I will end this note with a smut list lol.....some ppl may call this hating but I jus want to give you guys real ok now i only think one of these girls is a stripper but she sucks bc no1 wants to give her money lmao: Ashley oblien.......ashley washburn....brittany young.......brittany (but i dnt kno her last name sorry lol)......heather aka t.r..

#1 rule smuts nvr deserve respect...respect and smut cant even b n the same sentence lol...peace